Eden - Age of Asura

Eden - Age of Asura


Year: 4250 AB (4,250 years After the Breaking )

Our story unfolds in the world of Eden ; a lush paradise of savage beauty, filled with both beings of legendary grace, power and majesty, as well as monsters who revel in savage cruelty. A land ruled by Dragons, those magical titans, revered by many as Gods, and where the fledgling races of Human, Elf, Dwarf, and Halfling are more often than not, chattel who live and die at the discretion of their masters.

It is a land that is alive with primal energy; where Magi tap into the very power of Creation itself to erect mighty cities and temples. It is also a land where that very same primal energy is bound to gear and cog to produce wondrous technology. In short, it is a land of almost limitless opportunity, for those with the will and strength to claim it.

Our journey begins during a time of uneasy peace; a civil war amongst the Dragonkin that threatened to tear asunder the very fabric of Eden society has recently come to a stalemate; a momentary cease-fire as both sides attempt to recoup their massive losses. They are divided into two primary factions: The Highborn, and the Guardians. Tentative trade and peace agreements are drafted, as both sides agree that if the theater of war is not changed, there will be little left to fight over.

However, as important as the conflict amongst the Dragonkin is to the rest of the world; Eden is a very big place. What path will our heroes take? Will they be mercenaries, who live only to fight for gold and power? Or perhaps they will be adventurers and explorers, looking to unearth secrets of ages long past? The possibilities are nearly limitless; only time will tell.

Welcome to Eden.



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