Eden - Age of Asura

Session 1

Tremayre; ancient city and homeland to virtually all Dragonkin in Eden. Our story begins here, in the capital of the Dragon Empire, on a cool autumn day.

Abigailia’Creiddylad, Priestess of Tamara, has returned to the city of her birth after having spent most of her life wandering the outside world.

After a somewhat rocky entrance (certain guards were rebuked and will likely be more polite in the future prior to learning the identities of visitors to the city), she was nearly trampled by a giant of a Half Dragon, named Ulhar’svent’gix. An unusual sight, a Blue in the service of Bahamut as one of his Platinum Knights. Though perhaps this was a fated meeting.

After exchanging apologies, the two went on their separate ways. Abigailia traveled farther into the city, to the High Temple of Tamara, where she spent the evening in prayer, only to be approached by a young Half Dragon seeking assistance with a certain matter regarding the outcast faction, the Guardians of Eden.

Meanwhile, Ulhar traveled to a newer part of the city to begin his new assignment with the clandestine and enigmatic Holy Templars of Lendys , a faction of the Highborn dedicated to maintaining peace and order in the Empire. There he met his new Training Master and some of those he would be working with in the coming months. He also received his first assignment: infiltrating a group with alleged ties to the Guardians of Eden; there he would funnel any useful information back to the Templars and ingrain himself as much as possible into the dissenter’s inner circle.

After a few days time, both Ulhar and Abigailia attended a protest rally, secretly run by the organization with supposed ties to the Guardians of Eden; there, the two met again. Abigailia, seeking to possibly aid the Guardians; Ulhar, hoping to infiltrate their group to carry out his order’s mission of maintaining the peace. Shortly after the rally, the two were interviewed and subsequently offered an opportunity to help the Guardians’ cause by freeing a group of abused slaves being held outside the city. Will Abby find out that Ulhar is a spy? And how will Ulhar’s vows as a servant of Bahamut hold up when faced with the choice of loyalty to the Empire that he has sworn to protect, or defying his order and attacking those allied with the crown? Only time will tell.



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