Eden - Age of Asura

Sessions 2

After a few days of preparation, Ulhar and Abbigail decided to scout the slave compound.

The facility was a small one, commanded by a large Red Half-Dragon, with a small retinue of 4 guards who were rotated on a regular basis. Seeing that the compound was currently lightly defended, Abby and Ulhar decided to take a closer look; Abby distracted one of the guards, while Ulhar scaled the wall. Closer inspection revealed the inner bailey was composed of two buildings; a barracks used to house the slaves, and a small building for officer’s quarters.

There was a guard eating near a fire pit as Ulhar entered the courtyard; fortunately for him, this was a dim-witted guard who was too intent on his food to pay much attention to his surroundings. Taking the opportunity to investigate further, Ulhar listened in at the door of the Commander’s quarters. Hearing the deep, grating sounds of snoring, Ulhar carefully entered the room in search of information.

Meanwhile, the guard whose attention Abby had managed to snare made the foolish decision that the risk was worth the reward when he attempted to capture the young female Half-Dragon and add her to his collection of slaves. She quickly showed him the error of his ways by blasting him with lightning and finishing him off with her mace.

Upon hearing the sounds of commotion in the courtyard; Ulhar decided to act preemptively, denying his foe a chance to call for backup and potentially overpower him; the young Blue blasted the sleeping commander with lightning, severely wounding him.

After subduing the remaining guards, Ulhar and Abby called for their allies to assist in relocating the slaves and bringing the slavers to justice; a simple scouting mission had turned into a full-scale rescue. Fortune favors the bold, or so they say.


LordKagemura LordKagemura

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