The Dragonborn are those of non-dragon origin who have willingly (though not always wittingly) chosen to become the servants of Dragon Gods. They are born to mortal parents, and through various trials they are transformed into Draconic creatures.


The Dragonborn began life as one of the other races, most often Human or one of the Human-like races. They are born to mortal parents, from all walks of life; there are many theories as to why certain individuals are chosen, but ultimately, only the god who called them knows the true reason. Regardless, almost all who are touched in this way are forever marked for greatness, whether they choose to honor the call or not.

At some point, the individual begins to feel compelled to go on a journey; they begin dreaming of Dragons in all their terrible majesty. Those who are called by Good Dragon Gods feel compelled, but never forced, and always they are imparted with the sense that they are called to fulfill a duty, and a potentially harsh one, but ultimately worth the sacrifice. Those few who are called by Evil Dragon Gods are compelled in different ways, depending on the God and their mood. Some will try to seduce the individual with thoughts of power, wealth, and fulfillment of wordly desires; others will torment the individual with thoughts of torture and agony, offering servitude as a way out.

However, ultimately, the potential Dragonborn’s choice is their own; no amount of coercion can truly FORCE an individual to become a Dragonborn. Those who choose to follow the call must often make a long and difficult journey, and overcome difficult obstacles to reach a specific destination. This proving ground is different for all Dragon Gods, as are the trials. If the Dragonborn succeeds, they complete one final ritual, after which they emerge as Draconic beings; resembling in some way the God they serve. Finally, though they commune regularly with their God, ultimately choice still belongs with the Dragonborn as to how they serve.


Though some Dragonborn choose to form organizations among themselves, the vast majority are solitary; each came to serve in their own way, for their own reasons. Among the greater Dragon society, they are somewhat of an enigma; on the one hand, they are much more “Human” than those of true Dragon descent. However, they directly serve the Dragon Gods in a way that not even Dragon Descended clerics fully understand. As a result, the Dragonborn are highly regarded, feared, and envied by the majority of society.

Notable Organizations

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