Common Races

The races listed below are commonly seen throughout the world, though they each have a land of origin and are obviously more prominent in their home areas.


The races of the dragon are many and varied, but a few have risen to prominence. Above them all, however, are the True Dragons; nearly God-like beings that rule the world from on high. Though few have seen them in person, their presence is constantly felt.

  • Dragon Descended : These beings are directly descended from the dragons; at it’s highest social structure are the Half-Dragons. The rest are divided by how many generations removed they are from their original Dragon patron. Note: Most Half-dragons have a humanoid parent, though they rarely speak of it. Those that have a parent who are non-human or non-humanoid are often ostracized by their peers because of their inherently unusual looks.
  • Dragonborn: These beings are direct servants of the True Dragons. The Dragonborn are not so much “born” as they are “re-born”. Each Dragonborn began its life as some other race; however all chose to honor the call of their patron and made the arduous journey and trials necessary to be remade. When they complete the trials, each Dragonborn undergoes one final ritual, after which the Dragonborn is transformed into a draconic hybrid, complete with new powers and abilities(based on the patron) and begins his or her new life as a servant to their patron Dragon. Though most Dragonborn are servants of Good, there are some who heed the call of evil Dragons. Often, these souls are acquired by their evil Dragon masters through some sort of coercion, though many others come willingly. Though the Dragonborn are servants, they answer to no one but their patron Dragon, and because they represent the visible will of the Dragons, few are willing to interfere with their business.

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